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Nyepi 2019 (Day of Silence)

Nyepi in Bali (also known as The Day of Silence) will begin from 6 AM on Thursday, 7 March 2019 and end at 6 AM on Friday, 8 March 2019.

This is a Balinese New Year with silence celebration throughout Bali: no activities and lights allowed for 24 hours. The whole island will be in silence and hotels will not be able to accept any check-in nor check-out.

If you are staying with us during Nyepi Day, please observe the following regulation:

  • Guests must stay in the hotel area at all times (you are not allowed to step out from the hotel’s premises) and activities inside the hotel are only allowed at minimum sound level.
  • Lights will not be available in public area.
  • Room windows will be covered so you can have lights on in your room at night (but no light at room balcony).
  • There will be no TV although internet will remain available.
  • Breakfast will be available until 10 am. Lunch will only be served from a special menu for the Nyepi Day (last order until 1:30 pm only). Staff will rest from 2 pm until 4 pm. Dinner will be available from 4 pm until 6 pm (from the special menu). We will then have to switch-off all lights.
  • Due to limited staff on duty, room service will not be available although service at the main pool will remain available.
  • There will be no traffic (over the entire island) and airport will be closed (there will be neither arrival nor departure).
  • Hospitals are open with limited service but emergency access from hotel to hospital (and vice versa) must be with police/authority escort.

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